What is a Boundary Wall?

A boundary wall is a wall that runs along the dividing line that separates two properties. Boundary walls are supposed to be placed so that half the wall is on each property. The local authority has official town planning diagrams recording where the boundaries of a property should be.

When do you need to submit a boundary wall plan to the local council?

Whether a new boundary wall is to be built, or a property’s boundary walls are to be renovated or changed, they all need to be submitted to the local council. New boundary walls require a 40% permeable section in terms of the new boundary wall criteria.

Below are some examples of the types of people or companies that would need ALTERPLAN to design and submit their boundary walls: It is necessary to submit plans for boundary walls for street elevations, lateral boundary walls do not necessarily require plans or council submission unless the 1.8m restricted height is exceeded.

  • Property Developers
  • Property investors looking to flip a property and upgrade the boundary wall
  • Architects or draftsmen wanting to outsource the boundary wall design as it is cheaper than doing it themselves
  • Home owners wanting to raise the height of the boundary walls and
  • Body Corporates looking to change the boundary wall in thickness, material and/or height

Why use ALTERPLAN to draw your Boundary Wall Design?

  • ALTERPLAN has experience in submitting hundreds of building regulations compliant boundary wall plans.
  • A quick and easy boundary wall designs service solution is offered by taking our client’s boundary wall ideas and then creating a building regulations compliant boundary walls plan. ALTERPLAN then submits the boundary wall plan to the local municipality and ensures that it is approved.
  • ALTERPLAN’s fees are less expensive and quicker than most architects or draughtsmen as we have streamlined the boundary wall design and approval process using the vast experience we have accumulated over the years

Contact us if you want your boundary wall design to be a quick, relaxed and inexpensive process that will leave you with time to focus on other interests.


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