What is 3D Architecture Rendering?

3D Architecture is the use of specialised Computer Aided Design (CAD) architecture software to produce a 3 dimensional wire frame replica or model of a building design that can be viewed from all angles. 3D Architecture Rendering is the conversion of the wire frame replica or model into 2D images. Rendering is needed because specific software and hardware is used to view the wire frame model thus necessitating 2D images for more mass compatibility.

Which 3D Architecture software does ALTERPLAN use?

  • AutoCAD
  • Revit
  • Google Sketchup

Why use ALTERPLAN for 3D Architecture Rendering and Design?

  • We use the best suited software for your project which saves us time and which saves you money as we convey this in our charge.
  • An example would be that we would use Revit for quick projects or projects requiring little documentation.
  • We believe in the old saying that a “picture speaks a thousand words” and use 3D building models as much as possible to show clients what their building design is going to look like.

Have a look at our portfolio to see some examples of our 3D architecture model renderings.