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What is Home Design?

Home design is the most important task in the process of constructing or renovating a residential building or development, whether it is a free standing house, flat, complex or sectional title development. It is a complex element in the creation of a new building which uses architectural, engineering and technical applications to draw an effective home building plan that is utilized by the various construction professionals so that they can do the construction as per the finalised house design approved by the client.

Who needs a Home Designer?

If you are a home owner wanting to construct a new home or renovate your existing home then you need a professional house designer / architect / draughtsman. It is these professionals job to consult with you and turn your house design ideas into comprehensive house design plans for your contractors to build the home. Similarly, if you are a property developer wanting to construct a mixed use commercial and residential development you would need an office and house design architect or draughtsman to draw up the plans. You need a home designer to ensure that your house design ideas can be implemented in the least costly and timeous manner.

Why use ALTERPLAN to draw up your House Design?

ALTERPLAN has experience in designing residential developments, freestanding houses, flats and mixed use projects. Our highest set of priorities are to make sure the client’s home design ideas are translated into workable house design plans for the contractors to use.
ALTERPLAN uses a client focused and streamlined approach in order to ensure the needs and wants of the client are translated into a workable and comprehensive design.
Below is the process that ALTERPLAN uses to ensure this client and efficiency focused home design:

  • Meet with the clients
  • Determine the requirements of client
  • Draw sketch plans
  • Get approval from client
  • Finalize drawing
  • Submit home design plans
  • Facilitate approval process of council documents