What is Industrial Building Design (Industrial Architecture Design)?

Industrial Architecture Design is the design of industrial buildings and which results in finalised official industrial architecture plans being produced and is used for construction purposes. The plans are also used to get approval from the relevant governmental building body (industrial building examples: are factories, manufacturing buildings, breweries, mills etc.). A design for industrial architecture requirements are different to home design or office design as there is far more emphasis on making sure the industrial building caters towards the tenant’s needs.

An industrial architecture designer needs to understand what the target tenant’s requirements are and ensure that all the possible building requirements of the tenant are met. Two examples are:

  • certain industrial tenants need huge power resources and this is an aspect that is key to industrial building design in priority or
  • the building must be designed to accommodate huge machinery etc.

Who needs an Industrial Architecture Designer?

A Professional Industrial Architecture Designer is either a Draughtsman or Architect. These professionals are employed when

  • An industrial building or part thereof needs to be renovated (interior or exterior)
  • Whole industrial developments / parks are to be developed
  • Individual industrial buildings are to be built

Why use Maree Designs for your Industrial Architecture Designs?

  • We have experience in industrial building design
  • We price ourselves very competitively while giving a great and stress free service
  • If there is some specific industry (e.g. ice manufacturing) we need to understand then we will make sure all the bases are covered
  • We strive for excellence

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