What is Office Design?

Office design refers to the drawing up of the plans for commercial buildings whether it is for:

  • Renovations of part of an office building
  • Whole commercial developments
  • the interior design of an office only

There is a different knowledge set needed for Office Design as opposed to Home Design as the office plan and layout should be optimized for the workers that are utilising the office space instead of needing. Here are some aspects of office designs that different from residential design:

  • Parking
  • Filing space
  • Specialised areas – e.g. print and copy
  • Accessibility (interior and exterior)
  • Break area
  • Conference rooms
  • Is it open office plan or closed office plan
  • Electricity needs
  • Staff rooms and rest facility’s

Who needs an Office Designer?

You need a professional office designer / architect / draughtsman if you are:

  • a property developer wanting to construct a new office building or developer
  • wanting to renovate the interior and/or exterior of your existing building
  • looking to rezone your property to a mixed development of commercial and residential

Why use ALTERPLAN for your Office Design?

  • We have extensive experience in commercial building design
  • We offer a service that is personalised
  • We are dedicated to a high level of service
  • We know the right questions to ask to ensure that the office design covers the needs of the client